FY2022 - Round 4

FY2022 - Round 4

Find SMART SCALE FY2022 - Round 4 funding resources below.

Pre-applications for SMART SCALE funding must be submitted by April 1 of each even-numbered year, with final applications due no later than August 1. To make sure your project receives its highest possible score, please download and review the materials below. When you’re ready, sign in and apply online.

FY2022 (Round 4) SMART SCALE Resources

SMART SCALE Presentations

Pre-Scoping Module Training Dec. 2, 2021

SMART SCALE Round 5 Nov. 22, 2021

Measure responsibility

VTrans - 2019 Update Mid-term Needs

The VTrans Mid-term Needs can be accessed by three different methods:

Option 1: The 2019 Update of the VTrans Mid-term Needs are compiled by VDOT Construction Districts and documented in an Executive Summary and Methodology report. Each Executive Summary document includes maps depicting the Mid-term Needs, whereas each Methodology report includes maps depicting results of the underlying performance measures used to identify the Mid-term Needs. These reports are available below.

Option 2: The 2019 Update of VTrans Mid-term Needs are available as an ArcGIS Map Package, which includes a description of the Needs data. To access these materials, download the following zip file:

Option 3: The 2019 Update of the VTrans Mid-term Needs are available on InteractVTrans, an interactive mapping application developed as a tool for public and stakeholder feedback and for accessing VTrans related data.


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    Economic Development

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